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How to Master Customer Engagement Webinar: Presented by VisionEdge Marketing/All Inclusive Marketing

This joint webinar, presented by VEM President, Laura Patterson, and All Inclusive Marketing CEO, Sarah Bundy, focuses on how marketers can engage their buyers and use insight collected from customer engagement to make strategic decisions. This presentation showcases how to use VisionEdge Marketing’s 6 C’s of Customer Engagement to map the customer buying process and as the basis for content, touchpoint, and channel decisions. By understanding your customers, and how to engage with them at the various touchpoints throughout their buying journey, marketers will be able to be more effective at opportunity development and customer acquisition.

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B2B Marketing Measurement Webinar: Presented by VEM/ITSMA/Forrester

Marketing is getting proficient at reporting program results consistently. Yet many marketers still fall victim to operational myopia when they focus on past performance to defend net-new budget requests or plan future programs. To connect marketing to long-term business value, B2B CMOs must move measurement away from reporting outputs and toward predicting outcomes.

Through examples, Laura Patterson of VEM, Laura Ramos of Forrester, and Julie Schwarz of ITSMA, will explore how marketers are upgrading marketing performance management to help transition from operationally proficient to business critical in the eyes of the rest of the executive team.

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4A’s Webinar: Bringing Science to the Art of Marketing

The primary responsibility of Marketing is to drive business growth and revenues, and the way to do that is by creating and executing strategies that enable the organization to acquire more of something faster and cheaper than it has in the past. So how can you ensure that your Marketing produces these results? This webinar provides methods for you to take on the data and analytics challenge, as well as 4 keys to success.

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B2B Community Webinar: Using Data & Analytics to Improve Marketing Performance

While marketers today have access to more data than ever before, there is a huge data disconnect that prevents many from effectively using data to improve their marketing. The key challenge marketers are facing today is unlocking the value of data. This webinar focuses on presenting methods marketers can use to gather, analyze, and apply data to their organizations, resulting in an overall improvement in marketing performance.

You can view this webinar in entirety here.

PBC Webinar: Using Data & Analytics to Improve the Customer Experience and Marketing Performance

Research shows that organizations that rely on data and analytics to make decisions perform better than those that solely rely on intution and experience. This presentation provides approaches marketers can use to leverage data and gain deeper customer insights, steps to take to become more customer-centric, and methods to use to optimize customer-centric metrics to improve marketing performance.

You can view this webinar in entirety here.

The New Sales Funnel

Laura Patterson explains how the traditional sales funnel has changed and suggests the new decision drivers that propel prospects to become customers.

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Using Big Data to Support Managing Marketing Performance

Presentation given at the Online Marketing Institute’s Innovation Day by our President and CEO, Laura Patterson. This presentation covers the definition of Big Data, Which Data Sets to Collect, how to turn your data into insights, and how to convert your findings into a succcessful business story.

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ITSMA/VEM/Forrester Webinar Briefing:2013 MPM Survey Results

The 2013 MPM Survey Webinar Briefing, hosted by Julie Schwartz (ITSMA), Laura Ramos(Forrester), and Laura Patterson (VisionEdge Marketing). This webinar unveiled the long awaited results of the 2013 Marketing Performance Measurement Survey which was created to understand how marketers in the field have been using metrics to make strategic decisions and prove marketing ROI. Hopefully this outline will give you an insight into how marketing can use data to not just prove the value of marketing metrics, but to improve its relevance to the business.

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What is Performance Measurement and Management?

What is performance measurement and what does it mean for your marketing management and top level strategy discussions? Learn the six best practices of performance measurement with industry expert, Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing.

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How to Maximize Marketing Spend with Attribution Models: Software Advice

Decision makers face a double-edged sword when it comes to marketing online. On one hand, the Web offers a plethora of outlets for finding and reaching potential customers. But on the other, it’s difficult to know which channels and content work best for reaching your target customer.By using a method called attribution modeling, Laura describes step by step how to analyze the customer journey and figure out which touch-points move prospects down the funnel fastest.

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 How to Use Predictive Analytics to Better Your Business

A solid understanding of your customers and what makes them act is a marketer’s Holy Grail. This program discusses creating predictive models that will give you insight into your customers’ actions, and how to interpret the resulting data. Learn how to successfully use predictive analytics to optimize your campaigns and improve customer experience.

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The Path to Better Marketing Results: Marketing Made Simple TV interview with Laura Patterson and Julie Schwartz

ITSMA/VEM research shows that marketing organizations that leverage data in their strategic and tactical decision making have a business performance advantage. Data-savvy organizations are better able to improve their average time to revenue and decrease their sales costs per order dollar. But what does it take to be data-savvy?

BrightTALK Customer Insight Summit

VisionEdge Marketing and ITSMA recently released the findings of their 2012 Marketing Performance Management survey. This year’s study results were a surprise to both companies as the “C-Suite” grades for marketers are worsening. A grade marketers are staying the same, while B & C marketers are on the rise. Watch this video to get a deeper look into the findings of the 2012 MPM Survey.
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MarketingProfs Take 10: Four Steps to Creating a Useful Engagement Metric

Recent studies show that engagement is essential to an organization. Optimized engagement has been proven to create a big (huge!) competitive advantage. But what exactly is engagement and how do we utilize it? Laura will explain what engagement is, why we should care about it and how to use it to our advantage.

Click here to view a snippet of Laura’s Take 10 video on Engagement Metrics. You can view Laura’s webcast in its entirety and other MarketingProfs Take 10s at

Laura Patterson’s Interview on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this show entitled “The Measure of Marketing,” our featured guest, Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing sits down with show host Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers In this fun and engaging “television on the Internet” show, you will learn:

1) What marketing performance management is and why it matters.
2) What metrics the leadership team should expect Marketing to use.
3) How to select the right marketing metrics

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Using the Customer Buying Process as Part of Your Opportunity Scoring Process: Software Advice White board Session

Understanding the customer buying process and how to use customer behavior is a critical component of creating your opportunity scoring schema.  Join Laura Patterson, president of VisionEdge Marketing, to learn an approach for creating an opportunity scoring model and tying this model to the customer buying process.

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Two Key Dimensions for Opportunity Scoring: Software Advice White board Session 

Lead scoring is an important aspect of demand generation and opportunity management. Join Laura Patterson, president of VisionEdge Marketing, as she explores two key dimensions to take into consideration for your opportunity scoring schema.

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Determining Marketing ROI 

Determining marketing ROI requires an understanding of how B2B marketing contributes to business objectives. Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss how to measure marketing effectiveness in today’s multiple touches and multiple channel environment. Laura and Jon explore how B2B marketing programs need to be tied to strategies in order to look at programs more holistically and measure a program’s contribution to marketing objectives and business outcomes. They discuss how important it is for marketing to provide a direct-line-of-sight from programs to business results, to manage expectations and set the right performance targets.

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Importance of Analytical Skills in B2B Marketing 

Find out why having the right data is only half the battle. Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss how important it is for B2B marketer’s to develop analytical skills and leverage and data in order to take a more scientific approach to marketing.  Laura and Jon discuss the role of systems, process and skills in enabling marketing to progress on their performance management and marketing accountability journey.

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Forecasting for Marketing Success

Listen as Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss the role of analysis, planning and forecasting and how these capabilities help with budgeting and demonstrating marketing’s accountability. Jon and Laura discuss how the current approach to planning puts marketing at a disadvantage and alternatives that will elevate marketing’s position.

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Key Marketing Dashboards and Reporting

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing analyze the importance of using dashboards for revenue performance management, measuring marketing’s value, and facilitating strategic dashboards. Laura explains how a multi-level marketing dashboard facilitates course adjustments. Jon and Laura hone in on the role of performance target setting in providing context for the dashboard and using metrics to help us speak in the language of business.

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Aligning Sales and Marketing to Configure your Pipeline
Discover how aligning marketing and sales can lead to a better sales pipeline. Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss how important it is for marketing and sales to work from the same framework in order for marketing to help successfully measure their contribution in driving the customer buying pipeline.  Jon and Laura explore a customer buyer-centric behavioral approach for configuring the customer buying process and valuable metrics marketing should measure and report.  Laura and Jon reflect on the challenges associated with managing, leveraging, and analyzing data to support revenue generation strategies and pipeline management.

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Categorizing B2B Marketing Metrics
Watch as Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing, explore the metrics marketers use and what metrics help measure B2B marketing’s effectiveness and value.  Laura suggests a metrics focused frameworks and outcome-based metrics that will take your marketing accountability to the next level, improve marketing’s credibility, and connect marketing to what matters to the executive team. Jon and Laura discuss why cost-based metrics and focusing on ROI may not be the best measures.

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Why Marketing Analytics Matters
Learn how marketing analytics can drive real revenue growth. Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing, discuss the importance of measuring marketing and how data, analytics and metrics foster-fact based strategic decisions. In their conversation, they explore the role metrics play in B2B marketing accountability and revenue performance management. Laura and Jon discuss what separates the Marketing A players from the rest of the pack.

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Using Ecosystem Maps to Accelerate Market Success
Today most organizations know that venturing unprepared into unchartered territory is fraught with risk. It helps to have a map to chart your course. This map is known as an ecosystem map.  Ecosystem maps serve as a valuable tool for getting the lay of the land of a market, assessing the opportunity, and identifying the best points of entry, potential partners, and competitive challenges. Knowing which customers are the best points of entry, which organizations can create barriers and road blocks, where the landmines are and who are potential guides and partners can make all the difference in your success.  This recording from the IFCA webinar on ecosystems, explores how to create an ecosystem map in five manageable steps and how to use the map to accelerate market traction and penetration.

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Six C’s to Aligning Sales and Marketing to Accelerate Revenue
The traditional approach to the pipeline is outdated. Get practical tips on how to take a customer-centric approach to engineering the opportunity pipeline to accelerate revenue and align sales and marketing. Listen to this recording from the TrueInfluence Webinar.

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What Best In Class Marketers Do Differently
Make strides on your marketing performance excellence journey by adopting the best practices of best-in-class marketers when it comes to marketing effectiveness, accountability, and performance measurement and management.  View this video from the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing’s Annual Meeting.

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Experts Discuss Marketing Metrics
Join Laura Patterson as she and Ian Oxman, CMO of Chief Outsider, engage in a conversation with Nick Vaidya, Managing Partner for The 80/20 Strategy Group on the importance and value of marketing metrics in this panel moderated.

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B2B Marketing: The Future Starts Now
Hear the recording of VisionEdge Marketing’s track at the 2011 virtual B2B Marketing Summit. Laura Patterson along with the other members of the Founders Council of CustomerThink’s DigitalMarketingOne community held a one day Summit comprised of Interactive panel discussions that explored the top issues facing digital marketing leaders. The VisionEdge Marketing session address “Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Marketing Performance.”  Listen to the session to:

  • Learn the best practices of marketing measurement and performance management
  • Gain insights into steps and tools you can start using NOW
  • How to leverage outcome-based metrics to ensure marketing objectives are measurable and designed to effectively impact the organization,
  • Utilize performance target setting, and
  • Develop better marketing performance reports/dashboards.

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SLMA Radio Show

VisionEdge Marketing services include marketing performance management and measurement , marketing and sales alignment , product and strategic marketing and professional development. In this radio program Laura Patterson, is CEO of a VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. shares ideas for how to improve marketing and sales alignment and marketing effectiveness, discusses the importance of customer engagement and how to measure it, and how marketing can measure their value beyond leads.
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