How does your marketing performance management and measurement stack up?

Best-in-Class marketers constantly monitor their capabilities and promptly address gaps.  These marketers have a relentless focus on continuous improvement. 

VisionEdge Marketing provides benchmarking services and a proprietary patent-pending Accelance® Marketing Effectiveness Audit methodology and tool to evaluate Marketing organizations and identify areas where an organization is weak or lacking and where they may be performing well in order to create a highly functional marketing organization. The assessment methodology examines an organization’s alignment, processes, systems, tools, and skills related to marketing performance and the primary areas of the marketing workflow.

Assess Your Performance Management Proficiency 

Avail yourself of two approaches to assess the overall health of your performance management proficiency.

Conduct a comprehensive Marketing Effectiveness Audit that includes interviews with internal stakeholders from across the organization and thorough reviews marketing processes, systems, and performance measurement competencies. This approach reveals how strong your organization is in the following areas:

1. Organizational Alignment and Value: Evaluates how well the Marketing organization is aligned with initiatives and outcomes and the effectiveness of Marketing’s alignment processes.

2. Performance Management: Examines the Marketing organization’s use of data and analytics, creation of measurable marketing objectives, establishment of program performance targets, and reporting on performance and results.

3. Data and Processes: Assesses operational processes, data skills and development processes, data management processes, measurement and reporting processes.

4. System and Tools: Evaluates the Marketing organization’s infrastructure; its data, systems and tools.

5. Marketing Skills Proficiency: Audits the Marketing staff’s skills and capabilities related to the market, customer and competitive analysis, planning, program development, execution and reporting.

Prefer to conduct your own assessment? A streamlined version of the audit is available online and provides a snapshot view of your marketing organizations performance in thirteen critical areas:


Choose from a comprehensive audit  conducted by VisionEdge Marketing that includes stakeholder interviews and “under the hood” inspections, or a streamlined DIY online version available in our online store.

Audit and Benchmark the Work of Marketing

The MetStrat™ Marketing Effectiveness workflow portion of the audit examines twenty-seven (27) distinct operations that comprise the marketing workflow. You have the option of only using this portion of the audit.

These 27 workflow operations are grouped into five key marketing areas: strategic marketing (pre-sale), product marketing/go-to-market, opportunity development, post-sale/customer marketing, and marketing performance management (marketing operations).

Use VisionEdge Marketing’s benchmarking process to compare your marketing measurement and performance capabilities relative to best practice companies. Benchmarking is a perfect vehicle to identify best practices, in order to improve marketing effectiveness and performance.

Learn more or request an audit.

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